Mittwoch, 30. Januar 2013

Welcome to the dark side

We all know that quote, but in relation to Internet freedom and the freedom of the press, it is worth asking: which side is the dark side?

Unlike many governments want to make us believe, I think it is not necessarily the hackers and whistleblowers. (I even had to think about whether I wanted to write this, traceable, on the Internet).
But when we mentioned this famous photo in class, it really made me want to get more into this discussion.

I know this is not a short article, but very well worth the read, it is eye-opening especially in relation to the policy of the US government(s), although they are surely not the only ones who protect the real criminals and hunt down and arrest the ones who talk about these crimes publicly.

Now you don't have to be a friend of anonymous, and you might think that some secrets are secrets because the could affect 'national security', but after reading this, you'll probably have a more differentiated opinion. It seems as if hackers and whistleblowers are not the ones threatening our democracies - in fact they might some day in the future be the ones who save them by being the only ones who speak up and reveal the truth.

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